A rapid method to evaluate potential vasodilatory activity of organic nitrates


The kinetics of interaction between organic nitrates (3,3-bis(nitroxymethyl)oxetane) and cysteine were evaluated by the rate of nitrite ion formation at various concentrations of reagents and pH. The activities of natural reducing agents, including cysteine, glutathione, and NADH, in generating the nitrite ion from organic nitrates (3,3-bis(nitroxymethyl)oxetane) were compared. Cysteine was shown to be the most potent reducing agent. Studying the effectiveness of nitrates (trinitroglycerol, 3,3-bis(nitroxymethyl)oxetane, and nicorandil) at a concentration of 3 mM showed that the rate of nitrite ion accumulation in the reaction with 10 mM cysteine is 1.66, 0.37, and 0.02 μM/min, respectively. The reaction of organic nitrate with cysteine (Cys) is used as a test system for analyzing the effectiveness of nitrates in nitrite ion formation, which correlates with vasodilatory activity of these compounds (dilation of blood vessels).


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