Simulation Model for Grid Based Broadcast Algorithm in Mobile Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks


In this paper we propose a simulation model for the gridbased broadcasting algorithm (GBB) for mobile wireless ad-hoc networks (MANETs). The proposed GBB algorithm [1] is based on a logical 2-dimensional grid view of the geographical region of the MANET. GBB algorithm minimizes the number of rebroadcasts by using gateway nodes for each grid cell. Only gateway nodes are responsible for rebroadcasting the message. In this study we have developed a simulation model based on NS2 simulator to measure the reachability, average end-toend delay and the number of saved rebroadcast ratio and compare the results with the well-known probabilistic broadcasting algorithm (PROB). The simulation results showed that GBB has improved considerably compared to PROB in terms of the End-to-End delay, the number of saved rebroadcasts and the collision ratio under different traffic and mobility conditions.


10 Figures and Tables

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