Influence of carrier filling ratio on the performance of moving bed biofilm reactor in treating coking wastewater.


This study aims to evaluate the effect of carrier filling ratio on the performance of a moving bed biofilm reactor in degrading chemical oxygen demand, phenol, thiocyanate, and ammonia from coking wastewater at 20h of hydraulic retention time. The operational experiments under different carrier filling ratios ranging from 20% to 60% were investigated. The maximum removal efficiency of 89%, 99% and 99% for COD, phenol and thiocyanate, and minimum sensitivity to the increasing contaminants concentration in the influent were achieved at 50% carrier filling ratio. The Haldane competitive substrate inhibition kinetics model was used to describe the relationship between the oxygen uptake rate of ammonium oxidizers and the concentration of free ammonium. The highest biofilm microbial community functional diversity (Shannon's diversity index, H') and evenness (Shannon's evenness index, E') were obtained at 50% carrier filling ratio in all runs using a Biolog ECO microplate.


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