Gait Activity Monitoring using Distributed Wearable Sensors for Patient Recovery


Gait analysis using wearable sensor is cheap, convenient, and efficient way of providing useful information for health related applications. It is used as a clinical tool in the rehabilitation, sport activities, and diagnosis of medical conditions. Gait analysis is used for non-automated and automated continuous monitoring improvement of patient recovery. Automated systems are important in assisting physicians for knowing the status of patient recovery. This study presents preliminary steps of designing a clinical decision support system for monitoring the improvement of patient by considering the parameters like steps taken, distance covered, and speed covered and observed angle of patient. This study compares the gait parameters of two patients by considering above parameters .The new system was built using three-axis accelerometers to automatically detect walking speed, angle of variation, steps taken per unit time, calories burnt. A progressive improvement in patient can be observed during walking and it is done through Visual Basic (VB) software.


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