Bone Regeneration of the Maxillofacial Region Through the Use of Mesenchymal Cells Obtained by a Filtration Process of the Adipose Tissue.


In this work, the authors will discuss about a new protocol and rapid alternative to isolate the mesenchymal stromal cells from the stromal vascular fraction, without the use of collagenase, to regenerate the bone tissue in the maxillo-facial region. This method employs a device that allows the isolation and concentration of stromal vascular fraction by means of lipoaspirates, which separate the lipid component and fragments of the extracellular matrix. The innovative element consists in using a filtration device instead of a centrifuging device to separate the different components. The purpose of this work was to illustrate the results obtained with the above-mentioned method in a series of 8 patients suffering from cystic neoformations maxillary or mandibular.


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